Christmas fairs ChangAi greeting cards Future projects: value-added local products
Since participating in its first Christmas fair in 2009, ChangAi has continued this tradition by joining various Christmas gift fairs held in Beijing to raise funds and promote awareness of ChangAi. These fairs exhibit arts, crafts and local products from NGOs and artisans, as well as games and musical performances. Table fees go to nonprofit organisations ranging from Roundabout, a distribution store distributing donated goods to people in need in Beijing and throughout China, to an underprivileged community in Papua New Guinea. Proceeds from the fairs go towards the annual children day’s activities and creativity workshops organized by ChangAi.

In early 2008, ChangAi held a logo design competition in one of the project villages. The winning design by a 10-year-old girl was developed into greeting cards and selected as ChangAi logo. These cards can be purchased in a pack of 10 for US$15.

The villages have a variety of high quality local materials but few quality products made from them. Our next step aims to raise villagers’ awareness of their own products and give them the know-how to add value and turn them into marketable products as a way to supplement their income.

“Ruili Hot” chili oil Shuanshuanla, a type of chili native to the project villages, is considered one of the hottest in China. After several trials we found that the best recipe is made with local tea tree oil. The next step is to bring the hygiene standards to consistent and commercially accepted level .

Jisongrong mushroom AgaricusBlazei, better known in China as jisongrong, is a mushroom prized for medicinal qualities. Originally from South America, it is now cultivated throughout Yunnan. Our feasibility study found that production would yield high profits but require high initial investment, therefore would be suitable once income level rises further.

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