Mangya ChangAi Hope School opens its doors to students ChangAi supports the construction of toilets in 50 households in three villages Women’s Federation organized a study tour of the local cooperative union
In March 2012, ChangAi Children’s Project donated RMB 1 million, of which RMB 350,000 was contributed by Kasikornbank, for the construction of a primary school in Yunnan. Following a 5.8-magnitude earthquake in 2011, many of the schools in Yingjiang county were declared unfit for further use.

Construction of the Mangya ChangAi Hope School was completed in 2012. The school now has over 300 students and 16 teachers. The majority are Dai, while the rest are Jingpo and other minorities. Students plant their own vegetables and raise pigs and fish on the school grounds, using leftover food from the school kitchen as feed.

Over 200 students stay in the 3-storey dormitory building, which has a bathroom/toilet on each floor and a teacher per floor.

More work needs to be done on the promotion of good hygiene. At present there is no water reservoir and the kitchen does not have a waste water system. Another issue to be tackled is how to increase transport safety for students who do not live in the school and have to travel far.

In 2012 Yunnan Ministry of Health launched a policy to improve hygiene and sanitation in the countryside. Improvement of toilet conditions has been on ChangAi agenda and is a key part of this policy, so we decided to support the construction of toilets in 50 households in three project villages in Ruili and Wanding.

A standard toilet designed by Yunnan MOH costs 3,000 RMB - each household contributed 1,850 RMB, the local government provided 550 RMB, and ChangAi provided 600 RMB. Contribution by households themselves is essential to ensure the understanding of benefits from improved hygiene standards.

ChangAi support allowed the project to take place, as our subsidy filled the gap in the cost after government subsidy and what each household could afford.

We expect improved domestic hygiene to have a positive impact on children's health, leading to better concentration at school and thus benefiting both their education and living environment. Healthier parents are also in a better position to care for their children.

In January 2013, Women’s federation organized a study tour of a specialized cooperative union of farmers. The union was formally established in June 2012 by nine specialized cooperatives in sectors of rubber, tea, Dendrobium orchid, coffee, mountain vegetables, cattle and pigs. This new type of rural economic organization spans over 6 towns and 22 villages. By the end of 2012, members of the Association grew to 3,779.

Attendees visited a demonstration base for rubber planting and orchid cultivation. Through the on-site visit and demonstrations given by farmers, villagers learnt the benefits of cooperation that leads to stronger development capabilities.

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