Dehong Youth League (DYL)
Dehong Youth League, the local chapter of Yunnan Communist Youth League, is under the leadership of Dehong Party committee and the upper-level Youth League. Based on the principle of educating, uniting and serving the youth, it leads and manages all youth organization at local level, such as Youth Entrepreneur Association, Association of Students, Youth Pioneers and other non-government organizations related to youth affair. It also assists education departments in education management of school and university.

In the past 6 years, DYL has been providing great support to ChangAi, from coordinating between ChangAi and other related parties such as local Women’s Federations, to providing advice on various projects, such as MangyaChangAi Hope School and micro loans. DYL plays an important role in connecting ChangAi and local government departments.

The Ethnic Minority Groups Development Institute As an internal organization under the State Council’s Development Research Center, the Ethnic Minority Groups Development Institute conducts research on existing problems of economic and social development of China’s ethnic minority groups, studies ethnic and religious problems caused by international or regional conflicts, and carries out research projects on both China’s and the world's ethnic and religious issues.

ChangAi Children’s Project was in partnership with Ethnic Minority Groups Development Institute during 2007 to 2013.

Yunnan Women and Children’s Development Centre (YWCDC) As an affiliated non-profit organization under Yunnan Provincial Women's Federation, The Yunnan Women and Children’s Development Centre, founded in 1989, aims to promote the development of women and children, and engages in international cooperation projects related to public welfare of women and children. YWCDC has successfully implemented over 100 projects, cooperating with many international organizations such as UNICEF, International Labor Organization, International Migration, and China Foundation of Prevention of STD and AIDS.

In 2007, as a strategic partner of ChangAi Children’s Project, YWCDC has taken full responsibility for planning, monitoring and scaling-up of projects, and fund management.

Women’s Federations (WFs) Women Federations play an active and crucial role on protecting local women’s rights and interests, and on promotion of women and children’s development at the local level. ChangAi has closely co-operated with Ruili Women’s Federation (RWF) and Wanding Women’s Federation (WWF) since the very beginning. As implementation partners, they were responsible for project delivery and monitoring, screening and selection of beneficiaries and conducting household's investigations.
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