15 villagers joined the study tour of the Specialised Cooperative Union of Farmers for demonstration on rubber planting and orchid cultivation, and were shown the benefits of cooperation.
40 project beneficiaries took part in experience sharing workshop to discuss the impact of ChangAi programs on micro-credit loans, training, education and health grants.
10 households continued the use of their two-year micro-credit loans in raising pigs, cattle, and growing sugar cane.
1 university student and 6 high school students received education grants.
20 villagers took part in training of the use of biogas pit, chaired by the director of Rural Energy Unit.
28 households had the toilet construction completed, paid out of their own funds and supplemented with the subsidy from ChangAi and local government.
28 households were selected to receive subsidy to supplement their own funds and built hygienic toilets with biogas pit, replacing previous toilets mostly of the shack-like types with hole dug in the ground and no flush.
10 families used micro-credit loans for raising pigs and cattle and growing crops of sugar cane. The 2010 loan recipients joined them in a workshop to share experiences of managing loan repayment. The recipient families attended three other training sessions on loan management and pig-raising techniques.
6 students received high school tuition fees and living grants to assist their families to pay for tuition, board, computer class and study materials.
60 children attended training on traffic safety, drugs and AIDS awareness. Another life skills and problem-solving training session was held for 40 children.
20 local staff received training.
1 student received living support allowance to attend university.
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